I probably read more national lists that are complied than the normal human. That's ok, I'll shoulder that weight. Someone has to do it. It's kind of like Wyoming's favorite seasonal worker, the Snow Removal Driver/Worker. These ladies and gentlemen are really worth their weight in salt(pun intended).

The website, Zippia, put together a list of the top seasonal jobs throughout the year for people to make money, and down at number 11, the Snow Removal Driver made the list. After getting 3 feet of snow this past March, they are easily our favorites. Especially when you think about how much work they're doing on I-80 between here and Laramie. There's a lot of work involved.

I also know a lot of these workers are not "seasonal" it's just a seasonal part of their county/city/state job that they have. I wanted to get that out there before someone slammed me in the comments.

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The website estimated that this "seasonal" position rakes in around $41,000 a year. That's pretty good money for work from potentially late September through May-ish. It could actually be higher in our area since they're working more time than the typical region in the country. Snow removal people aren't working 6 months a year in Georgia. So that 41k could be exponentially higher, which they would totally deserve.

So while we look at the thermometer hitting 6 degrees this morning, go ahead and give a salute to our favorite seasonal worker here in Wyoming as you know, we'll be depending on them soon.

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