Wyoming's favorite current country singer, Ian Munsick made his social media followers take a double take yesterday evening when he posted a photo on social media saying "New addition to the fam...meet Thunder Cat".

First off...Thunder Cat is a solid, solid name.

Secondly, if you were scrolling at the speed of sound like I do, you may have caught this and thought something else, until you were able to stop the scroll and head back to his post. Guilty.

Check out their new four-legged member of the fam from his Facebook post.

This is one time it's ok to look at the comments. Everyone that commented on the new family feline was supportive and also, LOVED the name.

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It's awesome to get a peek into the lives of people we admire and it was a great opportunity for Ian to share the news of their puuuurfect new family member.

Ian does a great job of showing how much family means to him(very Wyoming) and shares pics of his family on social media all the time.

Don't forget Ian Munsick is heading out on tour this fall. Hopefully, you got tickets to his Denver show that's(not surprisingly) already sold out at the Grizzly Rose.

It almost seems like he set his tour up to be able to be back on this side of the country, just in time for the holidays(starting with Thanksgiving). He has to get everyone ready on the ranch to get in the spirit.

Are you going to see him on tour? Let us know on the app.

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