I think one of my favorite things, outside of how great of a country artist Ian Munsick is, is that he has a great sense of humor. The guy really does a great job of coming off as a fun-loving guy on social media. Halloween time is no different.

Yesterday, Ian made a post on his social media accounts with pictures of fans that dressed up like him for Halloween. Some of them are really good, while some are funny, and a father-son mashup is just plain cute.

Check out the post below.

I mean, it's not legit unless you have his King Rope hat, that's for sure. I do really enjoy this. I also really enjoy that he was probably getting Twitter alerts of people tagging him with their Ian Munsick costumes in tow. It's pretty quick-witted to throw those together and make a "costume contest". It's awesome to see him have fun with his fans.

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While he had plenty of people dressing up like him for Halloween, it appears he was still able to get out and enjoy time with his family during the spooky holiday. He shared photos from what appears to be a successful trick-or-treating trip.

Not gonna lie, not only is that a great costume, but, where can I get one of those "New Boot Goofin'" shirts? I'm a fan.

It's looking like one of Wyoming's favorite sons had a great holiday and was sharing enough with his fans to let everyone know he's having a good time.

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