It's a well known fact that Wyoming has the best selection of legal fireworks in the country. However, there's only place place in the Cowboy State to stock up on both pyro and booze.

Porter's Liquor and Fireworks Outlet in Evanston is, hands down, the most awesome business in Wyoming. For tourists coming to western Wyoming from Utah, it's more than just a store. Over the years, it's become a popular roadside attraction.

Located just off Interstate 80, a giant sign reading "Liquor and Fireworks" can be easily seen from the highway.

The business was originally founded shortly after World War II when a traveling salesman talked the Porter family into buying firecrackers to sell at their drive-in, which was located along the old Lincoln Highway. At that time, it was Wyoming’s west port of entry before Interstate 80 was built.

The liquor store was added in 1982, attracting customers from eastern Utah with another product that was prohibited in their home state.

It has remained family owned and operated for nearly 70 years. Current owner John Porter purchased the store after his parents retired in the mid '90s and it's still going strong.

Porter's isn't the only offbeat attraction in the area. 41 miles west in Huntsville, Utah, you'll find the mounted head of the world's largest St. Bernard, a massive dog that once weighed nearly 300 lbs.

A few more miles west, you'll discover life-sized dinosaur sculptures at the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden, Utah. The World's Largest Fishing Fly can be found further west in Logan, Utah.

As awesome as those places are, they won't sell you liquor or fireworks.

If you ever have the chance to visit, be careful. According to owner John Porter, "the two products are not intended to be used at the same time."

Indeed, it's all fun and games until someone blows off a finger.

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