I'm going to start this by doing my level best to not disparage someone's acting resume. Especially since the actor in question, has not only been in some heavy hitters, but, they're also a Wyoming native, so I really don't want to make it seem like I'm not impressed with their body of work. Especially since I'm not an actor. It's not like I'll ever have the celebrity status that they have, but, I kind of feel like this study(may) have missed the mark a bit. This information comes from Zippia, so we'll see how accurate we feel this is.

Now, going through Google and extensively looking through the list of famous actors from the Cowboy State, well, they may be right. I'm not sure anyone else has had the star power as Wyoming's most famous actor. Also, FYI, we're not counting actors that MOVED here after they became famous. Gross.

Who is Wyoming's most famous actor?

Can I get a "Wolverine!!!!!" from the Gen Xers in the back? Wyoming's most famous actor is Darren Dalton. Yes, Daryl from Red Dawn. You'll also remember him from The Outsiders, which was his first film. I'm going to catch flack for saying this, so I'm trying not to be so "matter of fact" about it, but, he wasn't really in anything noteworthy outside of those two.

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I think an honorable mention for "famous actors" in Wyoming would include Matthew Fox, who grew up in Wind River and starred in tons of TV series from Party of Five and Lost. He was also in We Are Marshall. He was born in Pennsylvania, so I'm sure I'll catch flack for mentioning him, but he moved to Wyoming when he was 1, so I don't think the PA rubbed off on him.

What do you think? Is there a more famous actor?

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