It's pretty obvious that the people you see in a movie or on T.V. came from somewhere. But it's more fun when those people have come from our neck of the woods. came out with the most famous actors from each state in America. You might be interested in knowing who the top actors from the three state area are.

Below are the actors that scored the highest in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska.

  • Colorado - Mr. "Home Improvement", Tim Allen, was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. However, when Allen was a teenager, his family moved to Michigan. His score is 83.6 on the popular actor scale.
  • Nebraska - Legendary actor Marlon Brando, was born in Omaha, Nebraska. He is known for his roles in "Superman", "A Streetcar Named Desire", and "The Godfather." He scored a whopping 92.3 on the popular actor scale.
  • Wyoming - Jim Beaver was born in Laramie, Wyoming. A film historian, he is also known for his roles in films like "Deadwood" and "Justified." He only scores a 27.7, but that is the highest score received from those actors from the Cowboy State.

There are other famous actors from Wyoming. For example, Larry Wilcox, who played Officer John Baker in C.H.I.P.S. is from Rawlins, Wyoming. Who is your favorite actor?