Here in Wyoming, our language might be dirty, but it's not crude. These are the most popular curse words in the Cowboy State according to Word Mapper, which studies the language used in social media posts across the country.

1. Douche - Calling someone a douche or douchebag is a popular pastime in Wyoming. The word map indicates above average use of the term around the state with heavy usage in the northeast, central, and most of western Wyoming.

2. Crap - A heavily used term across the eastern half of the state, crap is also above average in the northwest and southwest corners.

2. A-hole - With above average use all over the state and heavy usage in the northeast and southwest make this term our third favorite dirty word.

4. Damn - This word is heavily used in southeastern, and northern Wyoming, with above average use across the eastern section of the state while the word darn is more popular in western Wyoming.

5. The F Word - The northeast and southwestern corners of the state drop the most F-bombs. The term is also popular in central and southeastern Wyoming.

Interestingly, there are several curse words Wyoming doesn't use frequently. The word map records heavy use of the s-word in the southeastern corner, with only moderate use in other areas.

Use of the b-word was below average around the state. The d-word (short for Richard) is commonly used in the northeast and southwestern Wyoming, but has a below average frequency elsewhere.

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