Whatchu got cookin' this Easter?

Easter is just about here. Besides the calendar, do you know how I can tell? The grocery store. The discounts on candy and Easter-related items have begun and there are hams... everywhere. It's a traditional dish to serve on Easter and my mom did it every year.

I've never made Easter dinner, but I'm sure it would involve ham if I did. A few years ago, for a family gathering, I took pre-made cinnamon roll dough and twisted it to look like bunnies. It was just like this Pillsbury recipe, but I used the "orange glaze" rolls to make it more spring-like. They were yummy!

What do you typically make or eat on Easter?

Recently Taste of Home put together a list of the Most Popular Easter Recipe from Each State. I guess these came from the most downloads or something from within their database, but this one seems like a no-brainer since it's got "cowboy" in the name.

They believe Wyoming Cowboy Cookies are the most popular recipe for Easter Sunday. I say they are good for any occasion... even Tuesday. They're loaded with coconut and pecans. I like to sneak some chocolate chips in mine.

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