Wyoming doesn't get a ton of rock shows compared to other states, and maybe that's part of the reason concert-goers go so nuts when one of their favorite bands finally comes to town.

I've seen some great rock shows with awesome crowds, specifically at the Casper Events Center. Slipknot in 2009 was nuts, Rob Zombie and KoRn brought out the best in hard rock fans, Tool in 2007 was a great atmosphere. Motley Crue was a fun one, until Tommy Lee caught on fire. Metallica and Godsmack had a solid crowd in 2004.

Cheyenne has had some solid hard rock shows, including one of Wayne Static's final shows before his untimely death.

But, maybe the craziest crowd of all was back in 1995 when Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam played Casper. Pearl Jam was one of the biggest rock bands in the mid-90's and a leader of the very popular grunge era.

Check out some grainy footage from the show and keep an eye on the absolutely insane crowd!

Let us know in the comments if you were there, or if you think there was a crazier crowd at another show! 

PS - the actually show footage starts about 26 minutes into the video.



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