Of all the quirky roadside attractions across the great state of Wyoming, these might be the stinkiest.

The Cowboy State has two historic restrooms that attract hundreds of visitors each year.

Perhaps the most unique lavatory in the state is the two-story outhouse in Encampment. This commode was built to give users an "upper deck" alternative on cold winter days when the bottom floor is covered in snow. The illustrious loo is now located inside the Grand Encampment Museum.

Another notable outhouse is the "Million Dollar Privy" in Guernsey State Park. The large stone structure, which was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s, was named for the amount of time and money it took to complete the project. Over the years, some locals have giving the facility another nickname, "the brick s@#%house".

Travelers seeking more modern amenities have some award winning options here in Wyoming too. The Little America Resort and the Sapp Brothers truck stop on Interstate 80 were recently ranked among the ten best rest stops in America.

However, if you're planning a trip to Teton National Park, you may want to look twice before you using the facilities. Last year, park officials were forced to replace 42 vault toilets that had been damaged by tourists. Signs were even posted inside park restrooms featuring illustrations and instructions for using elevated toilets.



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