Stay in your car, they tell you. You'll be safe there, they say. Until that bear walks up and masterfully opens that unlocked car door, giving you nowhere safe to run.

Did they learn it from watching humans? Was is learned by accident? Did one bear figure it out and pass the information on to the other bears?

Who knows.

What we do know is that we are no longer safe unless the car door is locked. If you thought that leaving food in your car was safe from bears, well, it was, and it still can be, if you lock your car. If they learn how to pick locks we are screwed.

Here are 5 videos of bears opening car doors. It's kinda scary.


  • 1

    Black Bear & Cubs

    Its a cold drizzly day. Good idea to bring the cubs inside. This mama bear knows how to open a sliding van door.

  • 2

    As If He Owns The Car

    The bear is all causal as he opens the door and steps right in.

  • 3

    Bear & Bag Of Food

    Oh look, someone left a bag of food in the back. Glad they forgot the lock the car door.

  • 4

    One Of These Trucks Must Have Food

    Which truck will have lunch in it? Only one way to find out. Open each door in the parking lot until it's found.

  • 5

    Taking Pictures From The Safety Of Your Car?

    That car is only safe if the windows are rolled up and the doors are locked.

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