Seeing wildlife scratch themselves using different objects, like trees, is something that goes with territory in Wyoming. It's also more common around the fall season. Animals are shedding fur and using whatever they can find to help liberate them from the excess. While we most often see this happen with bears, several wild animals use "rub trees".

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The official Yellowstone National Park Facebook page shared this short, 40 second video which highlights a massive bison using a rub tree. They also included a caption that read:

Tracks and scat aren't the only signs of wildlife you can find in the park. Bison, bears, cougars, and other wildlife rub trees for a variety of reasons–like marking territory or removing insects and old fur. Have you come across a rub tree before?

The beautiful footage of the bison has already been shared over 275 times and amassed more than 34,000 views in less than 24 hours. It all goes to show how much Wyoming (and the rest of the world), loves our nature.

Speaking of our Cowboy State wildlife (and rub trees), check out this black bear cub  appearing to pole dance while scratching its back on a telephone pole in the Grand Teton National Park earlier this year. Click here to see the hilarious video. What makes this video even more enjoyable is the soundtrack that was added in post production.

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