There are several signs that Spring has sprung. The time change, the sun staying up later, birds nesting on your porch, Spring snow showers, warmer temps, and oh yeah, bears!

Yes, it's a sure-fire way to know when Spring has sprung when bears are up and about from their hibernation. I'm sure the unseasonably warm temps we've had the past week have probably given them a nudge to wake up and start roaming around the countryside.

One of my favorites follows on social media is Yellowstone National Park. They do a great job of capturing wildlife, giving out information, and just having some fun content. They love to make jokes about bison and I'm here for it.

Well, with Spring being here, as I mentioned, bears have woken up from their slumber. Yellowstone's social media team did a great job showing what that looks like in early spring. They found some awesome bear tracks in the light Wyoming snow. Check it out

Now it's time to make some bear puns. Those bear prints are un-bear-ably fascinating. I hate to be the BEAR of bad news, but we still have Spring snow. Yellowstone is BEARING the weight of knowledge about Spring in Wyoming.

Ok, I'm done with the puns. Hey, that rhymes, I'm a poet and didn't know it.

Seriously, I'm done. But back to Yellowstone, I'm glad they have an awesome social media handler, their content really is top-notch and I feel like they do a great job of making entertaining posts, even when things may not seem as entertaining.

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