Well, this was interesting. I was actually looking for sources on a different bar and grill in Southeast Wyoming up for sale when I stumbled upon this. According to #1 Properties, they have The Eagle's Nest at 1101 West 16th Street up for sale.

While it's not overly surprising when a tavern in town goes up for sale(because it happens somewhat often or has the last two years) it's a little more interesting than The Eagle's Nest is up for sale.

Interestingly enough, the listing mentions a 2007 Dodge Caravan will come with the sale of this property.

Speaking of the property, if you're having a hard time imagining this location as your new digs and watering hole, here's a view from a couple of sides.

Google Street View
Google Street View

What I like about this listing is how rare it is to find an A-Frame business, let alone, find one for sale.

Here's what the listing says about the property from # 1 Properties.

Turnkey and ready to go! Located in a highly visible location, the Eagles Nest is a long standing bar near the downtown area with a proven profitable record and a steady flow of patrons.

If you're wondering what this property will set you back, they have the property listed at $1,600,000. With this property being built in 1966, you would be owning a piece of Cheyenne's history. Especially when you think back to when Wyoming was first established. We've only been a state since 1890, so this listing has been around for about half as long as the state has been, well, a state.

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