It's no secret that we have some very special vacation possibilities in Wyoming. I found one in the Snowy Range region that you can stay at, but you really need to love moose. A lot.

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This is the Durango Cabin hosted by Megan. It's about as rustic as you get with tons of outdoor options like hiking and snowmobiling...and moose watching. And, by moose watching, I mean moose watching you. You'll understand when you see the pics.

Snowy Range Cabin Airbnb with Moose and Snowmobiles

See what I mean about really needing to love moose because you'll likely be vacationing with them. According to the Airbnb listing, this cabin can house up to 10. It's very highly rated averaging 4.86 out of 5 as of this writing. The cost for a nightly stay is $285 per night which isn't bad if you have friends and/or family who want to split the cost.

Make sure to check out the complete Airbnb listing for more pics, details, updates and availability.

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