YouTube may also be saving parents' sanity.

In a normal summer, camp is a staple. I remember going to day camp as a kid and then getting to go to sleep-away camp as I got older. The memories created in those cabins in the mountains of California will be with me forever. And it breaks my heart that kids are not experiencing camp this year.

Well, at least not the way we are accustomed to.

YouTube is saving the day with a virtual camp featuring over 1,200 videos. It's called #CampYouTube and it promises to be exciting and engaging for kids and teens. There are different categories of videos to watch like STEM, arts, sports and adventure so there is something for everyone.

But before you think your kid will be sitting around the house just watching videos, think again.

Kinds are encouraged to get up and get moving. The adventure videos will inspire your kids to get outside and experiment with that they've seen in the videos. They can also find tasty recipes for break time, which will have them getting creative in the kitchen.

I don't have kids of my own, but if I did this would be crucial this summer. It's hard enough keeping kids entertained during a normal summer. This pandemic is has made it exceedingly worse, especially since kids have been home since March.

God speed, parents...

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