First off, I wouldn't want to be the person that makes an incredibly bold statement and say any particular place in Wyoming has the best steak. That's going to insult a lot of people and places. I mean, you can look in Cheyenne at Rib and Chophouse, T-Joes, The Albany, or head toward Laramie and hit the Bunkhouse. Speaking of Laramie they have several places that could throw their hat in like Altitude(great beers too). I know we don't want to claim Jackson as part of Wyoming, but I'm sure some yuppy owns a really nice steakhouse in that area with great steaks.

So, saying that a small place in Rawlins is very controversial. I mean, I haven't been to this place, but the Youtuber for whatever reason names it as "the best" in Wyoming. Here, it's short, you can see it.

I mean, that steak does look good. But the best? I just feel like that's such a bold claim that I'm struggling to agree. Before today, I'd never even heard of the Aspen House. I get that she's only really saying this because it's on the side of the building, but come on. You can't claim it and make a short video.

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I looked on Google and it showed mainly what I would expect on the Front Range, but you also had a bunch of the national steakhouses filtering in and we all know that they don't belong on the list. Sure, they are fine for what they are, but not for the "Best in Wyoming".

So, what do you think? Have you been to this place to vouch for it?

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