I spend a lot of time on social media.

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Not only for work but because I am always inspired by what I see.

Of course, a huge part of what I love is the fashion inspiration (I mean my full name IS PrairieWifeInHeels) but I have found that social media has created an amazing space for photographers and videographers to show their stuff.

I get lost in the wildlife photography of places I'll never get to see, and I laugh at the funny #momlife pictures, the beauty of an everyday moment caught at just the right time.

One of my favorite things is to stumble across someone sharing something about Wyoming.

Admittedly sometimes I end up tearing apart their content and sniffing out the lies, but often I find myself falling in love with our state all over again when I see it through someone else's eyes.

When I came across travel photographer Allison Anderson's video "My Solo Trip to Yellowstone" I was immediately captivated by the dreamy images and accompanying music.

I then stuck around for her simple but entertaining stories about her travels.

From laughing about how she needed to run back to the car and put on a few extra layers to stay warm, to listening to her talk about the gorgeous views and sunshine I thoroughly enjoyed this quick video.

Don't you agree that the combination of her beautiful footage and the music creates the dreamiest video about Yellowstone that you've ever seen?

I am wondering though...how on earth she does it all on her own?

Do think she is REALLY solo on all these trips?

If so, I admire her even more than I did before.

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