Wyoming is cashing in on the newest camping craze. Inspired by ancient Mongolian huts, yurts offer travelers an affordable weather-proof alternative to hotels and cabins.

For $40 per night, guests can rent a yurt at Glendo, Guernsey or Sinks Canyon State Park. The solar-powered yurts feature a bunk bed with two mattresses, futon, dining table and chairs, heater, ceiling fan, lights, electrical outlets, and a USB port. Each yurt is also outfitted with a deck, bench, chair, grill, picnic table, and parking. Public showers and restrooms are available at the nearby campsites.

There are also several private outfitters who offer yurt rentals near Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. Along with modern amenities, the yurts provide access to remote areas without the maintenance, and cost, associated with traditional lodges and cabins.

Rick Roddam, Townsquare Media
Rick Roddam, Townsquare Media

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