I literally found this place by accident. You'll see it in the video below.

While exploring a back highway that is barely on the map, I passed a sign to a publicly owned campground. Curious, I pulled in to find only six small camp sites, each nestled along a beautiful winding creek.

Because there are only six small sites, we decided to rename this place "The Six Pack." Don't bother looking that up. You'll not find it as the official name.

Hills and trees rose around me. Birds chirped and a gentle breeze kept the temperature far below the summertime high that others in the state were suffering through.

From the main highway it had taken me over an hour to get to this place. Most of the driving had been along twisting gravel roads with some of the most beautiful scenery Wyoming has to offer. Even if this campsite had not been here it would have been worth the drive.

Plenty of hiking trails. Fishing and hunting for those who are into that.

I took a moment to soak in the solitude. Since the site is surrounded by hills on all sides, there are only the sounds of nature to deal with.

I went camping there last weekend with some friends. Only two other camping spots had been taken, and one of them left the next morning. It seemed strange that there were not many people here on such a beautiful weekend. But we weren't complaining.

The Six Pack is Wyoming's best campground, by far, and very few people know where it is.

This story is not fiction. If you are a camper you are by now wondering how to find this little slice of utopia. Not to worry. I made a video for you. It is below.

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