Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power received a report Wednesday of yet another scam involving unknown parties impersonating Cheyenne Light personnel and demanding money.

According to the report, the fraudulent caller tells CLFP customers their electricity will be disconnected if they don’t pay a specified amount by purchasing a pre-paid visa card. The fraud then tells the customer they would pick up the cash card at the customer’s home.

Cheyenne Light spokeswoman Sharon Fain says the Cheyenne Police Department is aware of this scam. If you suspect fraud, immediately contact local law enforcement. If you have concerns or questions about Cheyenne Light employees, call Cheyenne Light at 866-264-8003. They can confirm the legitimacy of the claim and can also confirm bill payments, service work, or a service call to any address.

Fain says you should never allow anyone into your home for an unannounced visit to check your electrical wiring, cable or phone lines, natural gas pipes, or your appliances unless you have scheduled an appointment or are aware of a confirmed problem. Anytime a utility employee arrives at your door, require the employee to produce proper identification, and do not hesitate to confirm the visit with the utility company via a phone call before permitting any access to your property. She says Cheyenne Light employees carry company-issued photo identification at all times and would be happy to have you contact our customer service number listed to verify their identity.