Who doesn't want a jetpack? The New Scientist reports a new model can be yours, but there are a few things to keep in mind...

While the idea of a water injection mobility platform (I'm trademarking WIMP right now — see: WIMP™) might sound far-fetched, some idiotic ingenious Canadian seems to have worked it out. Sort of.

There are a few problems, though. First off, this isn't James Bond's "rocketbelt." You can only climb about 30 feet and travel forward at a hair faster than 20 mph. And the thing debuts for sale in March at the stratospheric eminently reasonable price of... $100,000. (If  only it could fly as high as its price.)

There is one other safety feature problem, too: this thing isn't a jetpack, per se. It's really just a big fire hose. So while you need to stay on a body of water, with a weird umbilical cord sort of looking thing hanging off your WIMP™, if you do crash, you won't burn.

I'll admit, though: even if I had a hundred-large, I still think I'd just drive. Not that I'm a wimp myself, but it'd only be useful in Cheyenne about three days a year. That said, if you're feeling WIMPy, you can order your own JetLev-Flyer at inventor Raymond Li's website.