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Duncan Hines Claimed The ‘Best Meal Ever’ Was in Cheyenne
Before his baking company made him a household name, Duncan Hines was America's original food critic.
Hines, who drove across the country as a traveling salesman, published his first series of restaurant reviews in 1935. In those days, before the Interstate highways were built, there w…
Cheyenne Fast Food Throwdown: Rodolfo’s vs. Rolando’s
Cheyenne is blessed to have two authentic Mexican fast food restaurants, Rodolfo's on Lincolnway and Rolando's on Del Range. At 2 a.m, they are the best places in town.
Not only do they sound alike, their menu is nearly identical, the portions are huge, the prices are cheap, and they'r…
Cheyenne East High School’s Most Famous Graduates
As Cheyenne East High School prepares to honor the Class of 2017, here's a tribute to five former Thunderbirds who have earned national acclaim for their alma matter.
Cynthia Lummis, Class of 1972 – Before becoming a member of the United States House of Representatives, Congresswoman Lummi…

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