Website Ranks Melvin IPA As Wyoming’s Best Craft Beer [POLL]
The craft beer movement is alive and well here in Wyoming. Dozens of breweries are now operating across the state; four of whom won medals at last year's Great American Beer Festival.
One of Wyoming's most established breweries, the Melvin Brewing Company from Jackson, was recently honored …
Should Wyoming Limit The Sale of Smartphones To Children? [POLL]
A proposed ballot measure in Colorado seeks to make it the first state to regulate the sale of smartphones to children.
The measure, which still needs 300,000 signatures in order to appear on the ballot in 2018, would prohibit retailers from selling smartphones to customers under the age of 13...
How Wyoming Guys Weaponize Fidget Spinners
I have been getting a hard time from family and co-workers about my newly acquired fidget spinner. Everyone always says "those are the stupidest things on earth," or " what? are you 12 years old?"
Okay, yeah I get it. They are the hottest trend since the "…
A Musical Tribute To Taco John’s [VIDEOS]
To celebrate Taco Tuesday, here's a musical tribute to Wyoming's favorite "West Mex" franchise.
As much as we enjoy it here in the Cowboy State, nobody loved Taco John's more than punk rock legend Wesley Willis. The Chicago-based musician, who died in 2003, once visit…
Only in Wyoming: The Urban Cattle Drive [VIDEO]
Here's another one of those "only in Wyoming" moments. Yesterday, a YouTuber user filmed these cows taking a leisurely stroll through a residential neighborhood. Just another ordinary, average day here in the Cowboy State.
We've all been stuck in a "Wyoming traffi…
Wyoming’s Most Honest Eclipse Weekend Rental Ad
Some homes in Casper are renting for thousands during the eclipse in August.  If you can't afford to stay at a decent place, you can always crash at this "piece of s---".
In a rare example of honest advertising, a Casper man is renting a one bedroom, one bathroom home whic…

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