BDAR Waiving Fees for “Less-Adoptable” Pets
Black Dog Animal Rescue is waiving all adoption fees for "less-adoptable" pets this month.
In recognition of’s "Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet" campaign, BDAR has partnered with the Cheyenne Dog Food Company, Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic, PetCo and Red Ruff Inn to offer …
Never Turn Your Back on a Frisky Miniature Horse
Recently, my brother Steve had a traumatic confrontation with a miniature horse named Oreo. He is now sharing the details of his harrowing ordeal in the hope that others can learn from his chilling encounter.
It started innocently enough, as a trip to visit his in-laws at a nearby ranch...
8 Wyoming Residents Diagnosed With Rabbit Fever
Health officials are warning residents to keep an eye on their pets and other wildlife after several people around the state have been diagnosed with tularemia, better known as rabbit fever.
"We've had eight confirmed cases of tularemia and that's among humans," said Wyomi…

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