You got some money with you at Cheyenne Frontier Days, but what will you buy. I like the swinging outdoor loungers, but at almost $1,500, I'll pass. The little fake cigar is in budget, and maybe I'll get one for a cigar smoking buddy.

There's the little dish that will grind garlic to a fine paste, and who doesn't love fresh garlic? $25 for that, a brush and a little rubber tube to extract garlic cloves let me walk away.

The Cheyenne Frontier Days mugs will probably get some space in our kitchen. We collect them.

Then there were the two speakers being sold. One inside a lamp surrounded by a very white light that seemed brash and so did the sound of them. At $80, I have something else in mind.

The little speakers that can plug into your laptop or phone sounded good for their size, about as big as a kid's single serving can of applesauce for their lunch. It's $99, but it also comes with a second smaller speaker without all the features and without all the audio quality. Still I could see it being fun and convenient. I checked online and their price seemed reasonable, but without a model number, I can't tell which one they are selling. I'll check back later today and see. I still may get a set.

I would like to get my wife some jewelry, but my radar goes up in these venues.... When you find out the turquoise was melted plastic from old laundry detergent bottles, the vendor can be long gone.

What have you bought from a fair or rodeo. Were you sad or glad afterwards? Am I too paranoid?