Last night in Broomfield, Colorado Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds played at the new 1st Bank Center. Did you know that Tim Reynolds helped get Dave Matthews' music career started? Tim was performing at a bar in Virginia and became friends with the bartender, Dave Matthews. Reynolds encouraged him to pursue his musical ambitions and introduced him to some of the local musicians, many of whom became members of the Dave Matthews Band.

I was turned on to Tim Reynolds when a listener loaned me the "Chaos View" DVD from 2003 recorded at the Fox Theatre in Boulder. Tim has mastered a wide range of instruments and shows how well he plays them while performing on stage all by himself. Some amazing stuff, I want to thank Jay Bell from Jacamo Natural Scentsations for opening my eyes to this talented musician. And thank you Tim for getting Dave out from behind the bar.

Tim Reynolds is also the leader of the band TR3 and they are hoping to release a live CD in the near future. I would recommend you check it out.