Dale Hansen has such a great take on the issue of homosexuals in the NFL.

In particular, he references the the dustup this week over Michael Sam of Missouri, who is about to enter the National Football League for the first time--and guess what? He's gay.

It’s eloquence with impact. Check this video out for an excellent perspective.




The other night, I was out to dinner with friends, coworkers and a few people I didn’t know and was surprised to find a guy who was very staunchly against gays. His girlfriend said “But he doesn’t mind lesbians.” Not unusual for guys, I thought.


I was there once. My tolerance and ‘live and let live’ attitude came before one of my sons bravely came out to me. It still makes me uncomfortable when I see two men together, but that’s my problem. The idea of two men kissing makes me cringe so much, I don’t see how you women do it. But I’m working on that.


Gays have rights, and so do we, but we do not have the right not to be offended. We do not have the right to keep them from the freedom and the right to pursue happiness. Thank you Dale, and go Michael Sam!