My husband and I have ALWAYS wanted to see F.E. Warren Air Force Base, and THIS Thursday is another base tour to learn all about our Air Force Base

Little did my husband and I know that there's monthly tours of F.E. Warren Air Force Base, along with the ICBM & Heritage Museum, that run from April to October, which features all sorts of information about the nuclear deterrence mission.

According to, these tours are open to the public once a month, and they start at the main base gate.  A bus/van will take you over to the historic brick housing, and then to the museum, with a representative on site, who'll talk about the history and mission of F.E. Warren.

Other dates for the tour are September 25th and October 30th.  They do ask that you place reservations within two weeks of the tour, however you can see if there's any room for this Thursday's tour, or book ahead, individually or as a group for the next tour, by calling 307-773-3381, or by going to F.E. Warren Base Tours.