Do you play an instrument?

Today, May 22, is 'Buy a Musical Instrument Day.' Maybe you're like me and own some musical instruments but don't want to admit that you don't really play them that well.

Confession is good for the soul, I feel better already.

I have an acoustic guitar and several harmonicas I like to make noise with, mostly when no one else is home. Oh, I guess my rain stick is considered a percussion instrument too.

Just sitting down and practicing and making sounds feels good. Have you ever tickled the ivories of a piano? It's sometimes amazing how musical and rhythmic things can become, next thing you know, you've got a jam session going on.

At parties, we used to like doing that and often times you discover you're more talented than you thought, or not.

There's plenty of musical instruments that don't cost much and are still fun to play, like kazoos and harmonicas.

Get yourself a musical instrument and make your own kind of music.