What are you choosing from the menu? Mmmm....Ice Cream Sundaes!

We have all kinds of tasty treats coming up between 7 and 10 a.m. with Grateful Mike on April 27. It's an 'Album Side Sunday' with the Stray Cats at 8 o'clock, we'll celebrate rock birthdays, new releases, concerts coming, music news and other songs you haven't heard in a long time or ever before.

'KING FM Sunday Brunch' Menu for April 27, 2014

Appetizer: 'Money'-Barrett Strong (listen in May for a chance at $1,000)

Concerts: 'Soul Sacrifice'-Santana (releasing their first all-spanish album)

'Every Picture Tells a Story'-Rod Stewart (touring with Santana at Pepsi Center 8-12)

Music News: 'Wonderwall'-Oasis (twitter rumours of a possible reunion)

New Release 4-29: 'What is and What Should Never Be'-Jimmy Page/Black Crowes (Chris Robinson Brotherhood releasing 'Phosphorescent Harvest')

Flashback: 'Hunger Strike'-Temple of the Dog (remember when Soundgarden's Chris Cornell hooked up with future members of Pearl Jam to honor Mother Love Bone's Andrew Wood in 1990)

'Album Side Sunday': 'Rumble in Brixton' Stray Cats 2004 (side one at 8 a.m.)

Girls & Guns Deadline 4-27: 'Jenny Take a Ride'-Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels

'Happiness is a Warm Gun'-The Beatles (off their 1968 'White Album')

Rock Birthdays: 'Do You Love Me?'-KISS (Paul 'Ace' Frehley born 63 years ago)

'Tangerine'-Big Head Todd & The Monsters (bassist Rob Squires turns 49)

'Rock Lobster'-B-52's (keyboardist, bassist and vocalist Kate Pierson celebrates 66)

Desserts: 'Have A Cigar'-Pink Floyd (off their 1975 release 'Wish You Were Here')

'Key West Intermezzo'-John Mellencamp (opening CFD on Friday, July 18)