Have you seen the daredevil roofers in downtown Cheyenne?

The St. Mary's roof walkers, (as Amy Richards has dubbed them), have moved to the south side of the Cathedral on Capitol Avenue in downtown Cheyenne.

The brave crew of workers have nearly finished putting new tile on the steep roof of the St. Mary's Cathedral. We've been watching them each day out our windows at the radio station.

Looking like they're part roofers, part mountain climbers and part mountain goats, these workers have also been dealing with the wind and the heat.

While you have a chance, catch their amazing feats high atop the St. Mary's Cathedral along Capitol Avenue.

We have a great vantage point here on the third floor of the ANB bank downtown, if you stop in to pick up your prizes ask if you can check out our view from the studios.

Would you be able to work while hanging from ropes on top of a steep roof?