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Wyoming’s Oldest Radio Station Vehicle Refuses To Die
The KING-FM van in Cheyenne ranks among the oldest radio station vehicles in Wyoming, if not the entire country.
Sadly, it has seen better days. Yesterday, we towed if off to the shop, hoping that the estimate to fix it would finally be more than its worth...
KING FM listener Michael got a call from someone saying they were with our station, and that he had “won a vacation in the Bahamas.” That's when alarms go off
KING-FM Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
March 11, 1996, a new radio station debuted in Cheyenne. 20 years later, KIGN-FM (aka KING-FM) is still going strong.
It all started when Kevin "Crash" Davis first cracked the microphone on the old 97.9 frequency, which was previously known as KFBQ, or Q-98...’s Five Biggest Stories of 2015
What a long, strange year it's been. Here are the five biggest stories of 2015 on
1. Wyoming Photo Bomb - Only in Wyoming would a high school student's Senior pictures get photo-bombed by a mule deer.
2. Crack in the Bighorns - In October, a huge crack in the earth opened up in t…

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