Recycled 9-Volt Batteries Could Be Fire Danger, Tape Them Up
How do you dispose of your old batteries?
After you replace the batteries in your remote or smoke alarms, where do you put the dead batteries? I always put ours in a battery box under the sink waiting for the next hazardous waste disposal day. Now I have found out that old 9-volt batteries can start …
House Of Heineken Bottles Great Idea Except… [VIDEO]
Here's the story of how Heineken himself came up with the idea of making his beer bottles in a brick shape that would not only help the environment by recycling and repurposing his glass, but could also be used for construction in areas where materials are scarce...
How Are You Celebrating Earth Day?
Have you done anything today to celebrate Earth Day?
Just by picking up some trash, you're helping to make our planet a better place to live. Recycling is another great way to clean up our world, keeping reusable items out of the landfill.
Cheyenne Recycling Program Works, and it’s So Easy [VIDEO]
Keep America Beautiful TV Commercial (YouTube)
Do you recycle? With the City of Cheyenne's Curb-Side Recycling Program it's now easier than ever.
I've always believed in recycling to reduce the amount of trash headed to the landfill and I am always shocked when I see anyone throw their garbage on the …