Vedauwoo Has Abundant Wildflowers [Gallery]
Where do you like to go to take pictures of wildflowers?
One of our favorite places is Vedauwoo, just north of Interstate 80 between Cheyenne and Laramie. Not only do they have abundant wildflowers, they also have great rock climbing...
Happy Birthday, Medicine Bow National Forest
Yesterday, one of Wyoming's most beloved places officially celebrated its 114th birthday.
On May 22, 1902, Medicine Bow National Forest was established as a forest reserve by President Theodore Roosevelt.
Although the area, which covers more than one million square miles in southeastern Wyoming, has b…
Amazing Video Captures the Incredible Beauty of Vedauwoo
Filmmaker Brian Guice was born and raised in Laramie. As a child, he fell in love with Vedauwoo, the majestic mountain range located between his hometown and Cheyenne.
Now an avid outdoorsman, Guice spent over a year collecting images for his recently released time-lapse video...
Vedauwoo Wildflowers are Blooming! [PHOTOS]
Have you been to Vedauwoo lately? All kinds of wildflowers are blooming just off Interstate 80 between Cheyenne and Laramie.
Over Father's Day weekend we had a picnic at the Vedauwoo Recreation Area and then did a little rock climbing. We were thrilled to see lots of different flowers in full bl…
Best Hiking Trails For Beginners Near Cheyenne
Sure, the wide open prairies filled with tumbleweed, antelope and foothills may be calling your name, but if you aren't ready to get out your trekking poles or belay off the edge of a crag, the idea of hiking outdoors could make you apprehensive.

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