Weirdest Thing You Will Hear Today [VIDEO]
Move over Tuvan Throat Singing, there’s a "new bizarre" to hear. It's totally real and no one has messed with the sound.
This is a woman showing off the technique of overtone singing, where the same person sings two notes at once.  It's really freaky...
Man Eats Noodles Out of Beard Bowl
Beards are getting out of control, nowadays. Men showing off their manliness by how long or groomed their beard is. Although I honestly believe that a long, burly beard is the 2010 version of the 'mullet', this guy can do some pretty amazing things with his beard including morphing it into…
Weird Beard
A lot of us have access to stop motion photography but just never bother to use it.
Our Mr. Garvin did. Clever, sometimes gross, but watchable, if you're into this kind of thing.
Man Asks 911 About Marijuana Cultivation [VIDEO]
While it isn't written down anywhere, there is most certainly a list of questions you don't ask the police. Top among these questions is, "How much trouble could I get into for this marijuana plant I'm growing in my closet?"
It seems obvious not to ask a 911 operator …