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Listen To KING FM And Win Silver Mine Subs [VIDEO]
Silver Mine Subs (YouTube)
Are you hungry for the Mother Lode? Maybe a Dodge City, Georgetown or Cripple Creek? Those are all sandwiches you could win this week just by knowing what's on them. It's the return of the "Secret Ingredient" contest between five and seven&n…
Dark Side of the Rainbow [VIDEO]
The Dark Side of the Rainbow (YouTube)
We played half of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon as our March Album Side Sunday last weekend and hearing "The Great Gig in the Sky" reminded me of trying the Dark Side of the Rainbow.
Dark Side of the Rainbow is created by playing the D…
Super Glue Inventor Dies at 94 [VIDEO]
Super Glue inventor Harry Wesley Coover Jr. died March 26th of congestive heart failure at his home in Kingsport, TN, the NY Times is reporting. He was 94.
Though he held more than 460 patents in his career, Coover was best known for his revolutionary invention, which he created accidentally while …
Eric Idle and John Popper Celebrate Birthdays March 29 [VIDEO]
Eric Idle montage (YouTube)
Eric Idle from Monty Python's Flying Circus and John Popper, singer and harmonica player for Blues Traveler, were both born on a March 29th.
British-born Idle wrote for and performed with Monty Python since their formation in 1969 at the University of Cambridge...
Novak Djokovic Playing Tennis On A Plane [VIDEO]
Novak Djokovic playing tennis on an airplane (YouTube)
Trying to get your game of tennis off the ground? Here's one way to do it with tennis pro Novak Djokovic, the Serbian player ranked second in the world. Djokovic has currently won 22 matches in a row...
Wienermobile Visits Cheyenne [VIDEO]
Wienermobile celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day (YouTube)
On Monday afternoon the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile was spotted outside of the American National Bank in downtown Cheyenne. It was driving north on Capitol Avenue and turned left on 24th Street right in front of the Wyoming Capitol building..…
Even President’s Can Get Locked Out of Their House [VIDEO]
President Obama gets locked out of the White House (You Tube)
Most of us have found ourselves locked out of the house at some time in our life, well here's proof that the leader of the free world is still a regular person. President Barack Obama recently returned early from a trip to find the do…

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