To our south, Northern Colorado is feeling the echoes of last September with flood waters running high from rapidly melting snow. Adding to the speed of melt, there is a layer of dust and dirt on the snow pack along the divide, absorbing the sun, and causing the snow to melt faster than usual. What would really help, is more snow, oddly enough. Watch yourself if you’re heading to Northern Colorado.

Meanwhile, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead and Saratoga’s Mayor John Zeiger, are thanking the Wyoming National Guard troops and all that helped with flood control along The North Platte and various problem spots in Carbon, Albany  and other counties, for hefting more than 80,000 sand bags. Luckily, the river did not hit the record levels predicted because of lower temperatures and slower melt and should slowly recede over the next week.

Mission done, they’re heading home. Way to go troops and volunteers, you do us all proud.