In the heart of our city lies the Cheyenne Depot Museum and Plaza. Showpiece and landmark that it is, it is not funded by city or state so the Depot needs funding. Nick Dodgson (on stage) stepped up and set up Midas Casino Night and here, (along with Lindsay Taylor, next to Nick) awarded prizes while other volunteers made sure the guests have a great time.


$30 gave you food, drink, multiple games and a great time. I think the next one will be twice as big when word gets out how fun this was. Almost everyone got some of the generous prizes, but a special thanks to the un-named woman who won over $500 and immediately gifted it back to the Depot. That's one reason my wife and I love this town so much.


Thanks to all who made this a great success, notably Max, Yvette and Brook. But for them, it's just another day. These are people making our lives better.