Do you have a favorite sandwich at Silver Mine Subs?

My favorite is their Georgetown on wheat bread with the bacon and avocado combination.

All this week, you can win a $10 gift certificate to Silver Mine Subs by playing the "Secret Ingredient" contest. They are sponsoring our "Live at Five o' Five" songs, so sometime between five and seven each evening I'll list all of the ingredients to one of Silver Mine's Subs except for one, the missing "secret ingredient," and if you're the first to call the KING FM studios at 778-8800 and correctly guess that ingredient, you win!

If you need a little help, here's a link to the Silver Mine Subs menu.

Silver Mine Subs has 2 locations in Cheyenne, at 800 South Greeley Highway and in the Vandehei Plaza just off Interstate 25. They also serve salads and hot Chili or Broccoli Cheese Soup, that would really warm you up on a cold day. Don't forget those large Kosher dill pickles or a deluxe fudge brownie.

If you happen to be having a party or other large gathering, Silver Mine does catering too.

Until the end of November, you could hit the Mother Lode at Silver Mine Subs. Their scratch card game is back, so if you don't win on KING FM this week, stop by one of their locations and you could win free subs for a year.

If you're hungry late at night, Silver Mine is one of the few restaurants open until 3 a.m. and they deliver right to your door.

"Dig In At The Mine."