Following a handful of recent reports of suspicious activity around the state related to Medicaid, the Wyoming Department of Health is reminding residents to be cautious when giving out personal information to an unknown person. Wyoming Medicaid representatives are hearing of situations involving individuals who claim to be affiliated with Medicaid and who ask older adults for personal information or try to convince them to purchase something they claim Medicaid will pay for.

Kim Latta, Medicaid programs coordinator with the Wyoming Department of Health says “Wyoming Medicaid should only need your personal information if you have applied for a specific Medicaid program or service.  She says A Medicaid representative rarely if ever would come to your home and would never show up unannounced.

Latta says if you apply for Medicaid to pay for services in the home, in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home, a public health nurse will come to do an assessment.  She says in those cases  you would be notified in advance the nurse is coming.

Latta says if  someone comes to the door claiming to be representing Medicaid and asks for personal information you should:

1)      Ask for the person’s full name and the agency he/she works for.

2)      Ask to see the person’s government-issued ID.

3)      Write down the person’s name and contact information or ask for a business card.

She says there are cases when individuals representing reputable organizations do help with filling out forms, and it’s important you understand why they are asking for the information.. Latta advises calling the agency to verify the person’s identity BEFORE providing personal information. It is recommended to call the number for the organization published in the phone book rather than a number given to you by the individual.

To report suspicious activity by someone claiming to work for Wyoming Medicaid, please call the Medicaid Fraud Hotline at 1-855-846-2563.


(Info Courtesy of Wyoming Department of Health)