His name is Victor Riley, and he donated $100,000 to the Park County Animal Shelter in Cody, Wyoming in honor of his dog Bleia, according to KGWN.

Bleia is a German Shepard that Victor had as his pet, best friend, and service animal. When Victor's wife passed away he needed a friend, that's where Bleia came in. Bleia was at Victor's side for the past eight years before he recently passed away. Even though Victor was in a wheelchair, he and his dog traveled the country together.

When the two visited the Park County Animal Shelter Victor couldn't believe how bad the conditions were for the animals.

Victor's Executive Assistant says that Victor had this to say about the shelter, "My dog travels first class, has a great life, and these dogs have nothing." So he said he had to do something about it.

Starting in February, a new Park County Animal Shelter will start to be built. Upon completion, there will be a wing of the shelter named after Bleia. There is also another donation that came in to help the shelter from the Nancy Carrol Draper Foundation. They donated $25,000 for a meeting area in the shelter for potential owners and their new pets.

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