One of the most tragic aspects of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic is our inability to embrace loved ones.

Patients in long-term care facilities have experienced a heartbreaking level of isolation over the last 10 months.

Many of them have only "seen" family and friends through windows or using technology like Facetime.

Annalea Avery, the Foundation Experience Director for Cody Regional Health in Cody, Wyoming recently found a way to offer her residents a chance to hold hands and even embrace loved ones.

According to this article, she was inspired by her own experiences traveling across the US to visit a relative.

Upon her return home, she turned her idea into a reality, and the result is beautiful to see.

Watching this definitely brought a tear to my eye, not only one of joy but of sadness too.

I pray that soon the need for a "Hugging Both" will go away, but until then I am thankful for innovative people that are finding creative ways to allow their patients to connect.

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