The Riverton office of the National Weather Service is reporting a 128 mile-per-hour- wind gust earlier this week west of Clark, Wyoming. The agency says that gust was recorded on Monday:



Just for comparison, the National Weather Service defines winds of 74 miles per hour as "hurricane force."

Meanwhile, the Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service says that while windy weather is to be expected in this area, we've had more of it than usual this year:

We know many of you may already have known this stat, but so far this year we have had the most High Wind Warnings issued out of our NWS Cheyenne Forecast Office from the past 17 years of Fall-Spring weather data! There are a couple of graphics included to support the cumulative data.
🏆 We also have had a total of 100 High Wind Warnings issued for the counties within the state of Wyoming from the 5 NWS Forecast Offices that cover the entire state! Quite the year so far!
⏲️⚠️Unfortunately the wind headlines may not be done for the 2021-2022 season as we have high winds potentially coming up this weekend due to a strong weather system taking shape across the area.

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The graphic below shows the number of statewide wind warnings:

attachment-really windy 2

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