Courtesy: Wyoming Highway Patrol via Facebook
Courtesy: Wyoming Highway Patrol via Facebook

A commercial truck nearly struck a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper's vehicle as strong winds swept across the state Wednesday, closing highways and blowing vehicles over.

The video, evidently captured by a dashboard camera and shared on the Patrol's Facebook page, shows a trooper with their overhead lights activated following a commercial truck.

In a matter of seconds, high winds cause the truck driver to lose control of the rig, which jackknifes before sliding into the median.

The trooper steers to avoid the commercial truck, traveling off-road to do so.

The Patrol shared the video with this message, appearing to imply that the segment of highway was closed to light, high-profile vehicles at the time of the incident:

When you travel on roads closed to light and high profile vehicles you not only endanger your life, but the lives of everyone on the road.

It was unclear whether the driver of the commercial truck was injured in the wreck.

Further details of the incident were not released.

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