I love Jackson, Wyoming. Always have, always will. But, I have to admit that I had forgotten what Jackson used to be like before it became popular with the rich and famous until I came across a home movie from 1970.

The Chantry family shared this look at life in Jackson, Wyoming back in 1970 on YouTube. It's a true throw-back.

As we have previously mentioned, Teton County is now the richest county in America by a large margin. CNBC and other media outlets confirm this fact, but it didn't used to be this way. The Teton County data website shows the current per capita income. As I recall, that didn't really begin to rise to its current stratospheric levels until the mid-1980's.

This retro videos a family with a young boy posing under the antler arch with way less traffic around and ski trips where you were just as likely to see regular families in 1970 instead of Harrison Ford. I have nothing against Harrison Ford. Matter of fact I'd love to talk to him about the Millenium Falcon if he has a free moment. This video just reminded me of a simpler time.

You'll also notice that the elk were able to roam a bit more freely back in those days, too. Sigh.

I love Jackson past, present and future, but appreciate the Chantry family reminding of how it used to be.

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