We know the English and Spanish languages dominate the discourse of the United States, but what dialect is the 3rd most popular? That, of course, varies by state.

The folks at  24/7 Wall St looked at numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2015 American Consumer Survey to see if you leave out English and Spanish what is the most popular language spoken in each state.

In Wyoming, German is the third most popular language. In fact, German is the number 3 foreign language in 11 states.

Wyoming residents who speak German at home: 1,643
Wyoming German-speaking population: 0.3%

In Wyoming, 0.3 percent of the population speaks German at home, a huge difference from the 17.4 percent of the population who have (likely quite distant) German ancestry.

In the states near Wyoming here's the third most spoken language:

  • Colorado: Greman
  • Idaho: Arabic
  • Montana: German
  • Nebraska: Arabic
  • South Dakota: Dakota
  • Utah: Portuguese



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