Where were you 40 years ago? If you were at the mall in Cheyenne, you likely saw the original Lone Ranger who made an appearance for the opening of a restaurant.

I'm gonna pretend that I'm too young to remember this. Breaking news: I wasn't. According to the guy who shared this on YouTube, this happened in 1980 when Clayton Moore, the original Lone Ranger, helped open a Chick-Fil-A in the Cheyenne Mall.

This is what they guy who shared the video said about this:

The original TV Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore making an appearance at the opening of a Chick Fil A Restaurant at a mall in Cheyenne, Wyoming in about 1980.

If you're not familiar or too young to remember, Clayton Moore was classic television's Lone Ranger.

When asked what he would say to the kids of Wyoming, Clayton said...

"Please be careful crossing the streets. Mind mom and dad, police officers of Cheyenne, Wyoming...don't forget kids that they love you as much as you love them".

Clayton's character was one of the original good guys. The original Lone Ranger was on TV from 1949 through 1957 as documented by IMDb. There was no graphic violence back in those days. Just a hero on his horse "Silver" saving the day. It's no wonder why he was so popular in the Cowboy State.

We lost Clayton Moore back in 1999. According to his bio page on IMDb, Clayton said that playing the Lone Ranger made him a better person. I would argue that those of us that watched Clayton on TV even during reruns made us better kids learning that it's OK for the good guy to win the day.

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