Cowboy Kickoff's Kip Moore will be singing his praise toward 'Beer Money' Sept. 2 in Laramie, but here are some poor suckers who tried to circumvent the whole 'beer money' thing. Spoiler alert, most of these videos don't end so well for the crooks.

Here in Wyoming, we have our fair share of dumb criminals. But unfortunately (or fortunately) finding video of Wyomingites stealing is hard to come by. So here are some folks that make us proud nonetheless. So in honor of Kip Moore's 'Beer Money,' we present to you a few folks who just didn't have enough change in the pocket but still wanted to be tipsy.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty and dumb in a court of law.

  • 1

    Drunk Guy Pocketing Booze in Denial

    This video shows a man placing a bottle in his coat. And he would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids...or his apparent inability to function.

  • 2

    Cool Sagging Pants Sabotages Beer Theif

    This guy's pants are so sagging cool they trip him up to the getaway car. If only he had the 'beer money.'

  • 3

    Dude Steals Beer, Clerks Chase

    This video could use some Benny Hill music. You know the classic story, guy grabs beer, guy runs, clerks chase. Always entertaining.

  • 4

    Quick and Clumsy

    This guy here didn't count on the quick kicks of store worker to slow him down. Sometimes you gotta watch your feet when you are stealing beer.

  • 5

    Hot Wheels in the U.K.

    This guy must have spent all his 'beer money' on his new toy, but he used it to cruise out of the store in style. Check out how smooth he is as he rolls away.

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