Have you heard any of those uncomfortable stories about your parents partying at bars?

Believe it or not, if they hadn't been playing around in some of Cheyenne's finest drinking establishments you may not be here today. 

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    Disco Danny's

    This building on East Lincolnway is painted a unique shade of green and is hard to miss right next to the Flea Market. It's been called many names over the years: Disco Danny's, Goofy's Tavern and most recently Daisy Dukes.

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    Cheyenne Club

    At 1607 Capitol Avenue, this now empty bar has also been called many names over the years. It was the Cheyenne Club a couple different times and was last remembered as The Drunkin' Skunk.

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    Club Araby

    Do you remember this Cheyenne bar at the corner of Carey Avenue and 19th Street? They had a unique sign and had closed before I was old enough to drink. I have heard some stories of drinking going on there until the early morning hours. The Bank of the West parking lot is at this location now.

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    The Mayflower

    The Mayflower Bar at 112 W. 17th St. in downtown Cheyenne was legendary. This was my parents' favorite bar and restaurant, they served up great steaks. It was also know for it's large dance floor. The location now serves up sushi as Re-O-Na's.

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    O. P. Taylor's

    This had to be one of Cheyenne's wildest hangouts. It was just to the west of South Greeley Highway at I-80 where the City-County Health Unit stands now. O. P. Taylor's was always hazy inside with loud bands and pool tables. (Thanks to Kevin at The Redwood Lounge, I found out the bar was named after the owner's grandmother, O. P. Taylor, which stood for Orange Parrot.)

    There was a crowd every time I was there, and I remember one time bumping into a guy and he told me to 'take off my cheaters!"

    I replied, "What?"

    "I said, 'take off your cheaters!," he repeated, getting in my face. I walked away and later realized he meant to remove my glasses so he could hit me.

    There was also the time in O. P. Taylor's parking lot when I found my truck being run into repeatedly. The other driver couldn't get his truck unstuck from mine after he'd hit it the first time so he had backed up and hit it again to try and get loose, so luckily at least it wasn't a hit and run.

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